Born in Rome on April 28, 1874. He studied at the Institute of Fine Arts in the capital, a disciple of Filippo Prosperi. Renowned landscape painter and portraitist, he has been present at the main Italian exhibitions with works that are always well received by critics and the public. He has won various competitions, notable among others that of Wersthaphen where in 1897 he was awarded the gold medal for the landscape. In several of his works he adopted the pointillist technique with good results. Main works: Reflections and After the Bath, located in the Gallery of Modern Art in Rome; My mother and Nello studio, exhibited at the Venice International in 1903 where he then sent works until 1922. In 1907 he exhibited In the studio (pastel); in 1909 Radiosa; in 1910 Portrait of Mrs. Lanino and Nello studio; in 1912 Portrait of the marquis Zenaide di Roccagiovine; in 1914: Portrait of Lyda Sorelli; The Mortaccino Canal and the Canneto dunes (Terracina); in 1920: Portrait of Miss Eleonora Mola; The pergola; The green dome - Positano; Old kitchen and Arco in Positano, and in 1922 a Portrait; Autumn morning and II Ponte del Salvatore. Other works by this artist: The prodigy; The repudiation of Hagar; Abandoned garden; In the cabin; Pumpkin seller; Gold reflections; Calm lagoon; Portrait of Prince Gagarine; Sensitive; Burano Canal; Portrait of Baroness Budberg; the Contessina de Wagner; Villa Pamplnly; The Orange.


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