Born in Venice in 1858; pupil of Pompeo Marino Molmenti and Napoleone Nani, follower and imitator of Favretto. He made his debut in Turin in 1880, with II meal of the hen. Then he was present in Milan, in 1881, with Sulle fondamenta; in Venice, in the same year, with Dame a baso; at the Florentine Promoter of 1882, with II meal to the hens; in Rome, the following year, with A ti cocolo and Post prandium; in Turin, in 1884, with An hour of idleness and Pccà essere veci! At the 1887 Venetian Exposition he sent First essays and The Festival to his grandfather; and in 1888: An interesting letter; A declaration; The free state faith, maternal love. Among his paintings reproducing the Venetian environment we still remember: Che gringole!; The name day of the grandfather; For the feast of the Redeemer; The recini novi; Chicken meal, exhibited in Monaco; Campo veneziano, exhibited in Bologna. His paintings were highly sought after abroad.


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