Born in Ferrara on March 19, 1864. He studied in Ferrara with Gaetano Domenichini, then at the Academies of Florence and Rome. He was in Paris for a few months, in 1886, and there he was able to get to know all the artistic movement that was so alive at that time; then he lived for a few years in London, painting fresh watercolors of London life (impressions) which revealed him to be a confident and sensitive artist with a strong personality. He participated in numerous exhibitions in Italy, and also in Paris, especially with genre pictures. Among his works, for the most part watercolors, are cited: Women and Madonnas, exhibited in 1887; Fra i polli and Tempo ladro, purchased by the Ministry of Education, both exhibited in Bologna in 1888; The washerwomen and Fiammiferaio, exhibited in Florence in 1889; In the greenhouse; Charing Cross, sent to Venice in 1901; Ravello church and rustic farmhouse, sent in 1903; In the catacombs, in 1905; Portrait; Impressions of London; Impressions of Pompeii and the Old Road - sweet water: all exhibited in Florence in 1927, at Palazzo Pitti. He also owes many illustrations of books and monographs: on Rome, Pompeii, Ferrara; Umbria; Sicily. The Galleria d'Arte Moderna in Rome preserves Thime the Thies of him; that of Bristol, Rheims.


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