Born in Lugo (Ravenna) on April 19, 1856, alive. In the Neapolitan city he experienced his first successes and spent many years, and is therefore to be counted among the Neapolitan painters. From 1881 to 1911 he participated in the exhibitions of the "Salvator Rosa" Promoter: in 1881, with him Verde, bought by the Duke of Martina; in 1888, with Verso sera; in 1890, with In the morning, purchased by Umberto I; in 1904 with: Imminente Primavera and Marina. He took part in various exhibitions: in 1887 in Venice at the National Exhibition with: Spiaggia di Portici; For the vegetable garden and In the countryside; in 1893 at the National Exhibition of Rome with: Grigio; Wind impression; Fall; Winter Garden and Village at Vomero; in 1894 in Berlin, at the Great Art Exhibition, with Spiaggia near Portici; in 1895 in Paris, with Giorno di vento; in 1896-1897 in Florence with: Fine d'estate, bought by Umberto I and In February; in 1897, in Venice, with: Acqua di Marzo and Napoli; in 1898, in Turin, with Strada del Vomero; in the same year in Leningrad, with: Port market; Mergellina and Posillipo; in 1899, at the Paris Motor Show, with the March Day; in 1900 in Milan, at the Brera Exhibition, with In March; in the same year in Monaco Principato, with Posillipo; in 1902 in Leningrad, with Winter Effect; in 1903-1904-1905 in Bosnia, with: Landscape; Dusk; Stain; Impression; Little Saint Lucia; in 1905 in Munich, with Lontananza di sera; in the same year in Venice, with: Sui colli and Cielo e mare; in 1906, in Milan, with: Winter landscape; Sirocco and Twilight; in 1908, in Rome, with: Scirocco and Landscape; in 1909, in Venice, with Vento; in 1910, again in Venice, with Valle di Ca-maldoli; in the same year in Buenos Aires, with Landscape; in 1911 in Barcelona, ​​with Rain Effect. In 1923, in Turin, a painting of him appeared: Summer hours. The Siimi Museum in Bucharest preserves a corner of Posillipo of him.


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