Born in Bologna on April 26, 1882, alive. He was a pupil of Domenico Ferri in the Academy of his city of him, and is especially dedicated to the genre painting in which he particularly loves to portray female intimacy. He made his debut in 1906, in Bologna, and since then he has exhibited at the main Italian exhibitions, obtaining awards at the "Francesco Francia" in Bologna and winning the Curlanda competition three times in the city itself. In 1909 he sent Fioretta to the Venetian Biennale; in 1910: The duvet and Interno; in 1911, at the exhibition held in Rome on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary, he presented II balloon and model; the following year, at the Venice Biennale, he appeared with: Aurora; Nap and Fiorina alone; at the following Biennale, with: The young grandmother; The heat and red reflections. After the war he participated in the 1920 Venice International with: Silk Flowers; At the mirror and Gisella; from 1922 with: La toilette e Vanità. Some of the aforementioned paintings are: Evening Effects; Sting; The first pose; The lemonade; The tear; Child getting dressed; Gatto che dorine and Riflesso he presented in the same year at the Florentine Spring. Again Lo strappo, with Prima del ballo, appeared at the next Venetian Biennale, and in 1926 he was represented there in the Dreams picture. The following year, at the 80 "National Exhibition held in Florence in Palazzo Pitti, Protti sent: Golden tones; Still life and the named Fiori di seta. He took part in the post-war Turin Quadrennial: in 1919 with the aforementioned In the mirror and with In penombra; in 1923 with the said Effects of Evening and with Female Nude; in 1927 with: Attesa and A Thought. He also exhibited abroad: in Monaco, Buenos Aires, San Francisco, Pittsburg, Barcelona. His paintings were purchased for the Quadreria Reale and the Galleria d'Arte Moderna in Rome, others are in private collections in Italy and abroad. His paintings are also cited: Portrait and Maschietta, the latter property of the lawyer Camillo Giussani of Milan.


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