Born in Ferrara on 23 December 1893. He has a degree in architecture, but is self-taught in painting. After turning to Divisionism, he adopted his own technique that combines Divisionism with veiling. He is not alien to the synthesis of modern painting. After having participated in the great war as an officer of the Alpine troops, he made his debut (1918) at the Brera Biennale. Then he participated in many regional and trade union exhibitions; at the International in Rome and at the Quadrennial of Turin in 1923 (with the profane Madonna). Main paintings by him: Penombre of adolescence, Olivelli property of Milan; Broken Clouds, in the Galleria d'Arte Moderna in Milan; Mattino a Cà Barbaro, bought by the King; Child who reads, belonging to Mr. Grioni of Milan; Sisters, from the author. In 1930, in a solo show ordered by him, his studies of figure and landscape were very interested. Quintavalle is also a man of letters and a journalist.


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