Born in Milan on April 16, 1859, died in Milan on February 18, 1929. He studied at the Brera Academy, and began in 1879 with the Fumagalli prize. Three years later he was rewarded with a trip to Rome. He also resided for a long time in Paris and London for study purposes. For forty years he taught at the same Academy of which he had been a student. He was noted as a virtuoso watercolorist, so much so that he was nominated as honorary member of the «Société Belge des Acquarellistes». He dealt with oil painting and fresco; and, over several portraits of benefactors of the Ospedale Maggiore in Milan, of the Congregation of Charity, of the Institute of the Blind and others for private individuals, including that of cav. Federico Johnson, perform: in tempera the ceiling of the Eden Theater in Milan; the large paintings of the Prepositurale di Melzo, in the fifteenth-century style; the central medallion of the ballroom of comm. Benigno Crespi; the decoration of the church of the Ospedale Maggiore in Milan, in which he depicted the Glorification of the Virgin in the dome, and in the arches The Four Prophets and the Four Evangelists. Despite these massive works, he was present at several exhibitions: at the 1902 Quadriennale Torinese with La pappa; at the Milan Exhibition (1906) with Ei Pass! and Children (watercolors); at the First Exhibition of Milanese artists organized by the «Meneghina Family» in 1926 with the beautiful portrait of Mr. Carlo Pozzi, currently in the picture gallery of the Ospedale Maggiore. Two paintings of him are conserved in the Galleria d'Arte Moderna in Milan: Portrait of the painter Antonietta Mola Grubicy and A tavern in the suburbs of Milan.


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