He was born in Naples on February 24, 1864. He is considered by some to be the leader of Neapolitan Impressionism. He inherited the taste and love for art from Bernardo Celentano, his maternal relative. His paintings of him, small, graceful, full of light and marine representatives, Neapolitan beaches, landscapes and uses and customs of Naples, are sought after, especially by foreigners, for whom he worked preferably. Many of his paintings were purchased by important personalities such as the Duke of Aosta, the Duke of Connaught, and from art galleries and private collections. He was featured in many exhibitions of the "Salvator Rosa" Promoter: in 1881, with Fanfulla preparing to leave San Marco; in 1884, with Servite Domino in laetitia. and both were bought by the Province of Naples; he also introduced you to Ines (watercolor); Pleasant break; Memories of Casamicciola and Dall'antiquario. In 1891-1892 he participated in the National Exhibition of Palermo; in 1894 he exhibited in Milan, Amalfi and Dall'antiquario; in 1896, in Turin, Porta Capuana (Naples); in 1902, Happy Campaign; in 1908, A street called old Naples; and in Naples, in 1916, at the National Art Exhibition, Cypresses and Market.


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