Born in Tortona in 1868, died there on January 3, 1934. A pupil of Andrea Castaldi and Pier Celestino Gilardi at the Turin Accademia Albertina, he finished his studies in 1890. He devoted himself to genre and figure painting, portraits, watercolors and pastel. He made his debut at the Promotrice in Turin and at the Permanente in Milan in 1895, and since then he has exhibited at the main Italian exhibitions and at the Expositions of the Paris Motor Show. At the 1902 Turin Quadrennial he presented Il voto; at the International Exhibition held in Milan in 1906: Réverie; Le prince charming and humble and tall; at the Quadrennial of Turin in 1908: Plenilunio (Idyll); Myrrh (nude); Full Moon (Elegy) and a Portrait; he sent Apollo and Daphne to the Venice Biennale of 1910; to that of 1912, Elegia (Orfeo) and La vetta; to that of 1914, Prelude; at the 1919 Quadriennale in Turin, Last bars and the meridian demon; to the next one in 1923, Peace fruitful; to that of 1927, L'artiglio. The Civic Museum of Turin has two of his early works: Alma natura ave, pastel donated by Umberto I, and Madre !. Other works by him appear in the Luzzatti Gallery in Trieste, in that of Venice and in private collections. He was awarded the bronze medal at the Universal Exhibition in Paris (1900), and still had awards in 1903 and 1925.


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