Born in Cornuda (Treviso) on 14 September 1856, alive. Restless soul of an artist, after having followed the classical schools and having attended medical courses at the University of Padua for three years, he devoted himself to music. and for a decade he toured Europe with orchestras. At thirty-two, after having studied and observed nature for himself, without any master, he abandoned all other activities for painting. He made his debut in 1889 at the Turin Exhibition. Then he exhibited his paintings of him, inspired by the poetic beauty of the Lagoon, the Valleys of Friuli, the peaks of Cadore, and treated with sentimental delicacy of touch and sometimes with the pointillist technique, at many exhibitions. From when the Venetian Biennials became international (1895) to 1924, there were works by him, always appreciated and admired: in 1895, Giornata triste; in 1897, Vision of the lake; in 1899, At the copper mine; in 1901, Twilight and Last Rays; in 1903, Sunset on the Isar; In the woods and Autumn afternoon; in 1905, May; High and December; in 1907, Autumn sunset; Evening and stop; in 1910, forty-six works on individual exhibition, including: In the port, currently in the Luxembourg Museum in Paris; Court Canal; Old castle and mares for boats; in 1912, Mattino sul lago and Sera in Laguna; in 1914, Among the marshes; Autumn and April; in 1920, Full Moon; Fog in winter (Lower Piave) and Twilight; in 1922, In the estuary and Evening in the mountains; in 1924, Our Dolomites. In 1900 Sartorelli won the Principe Umberto prize with the Vespero painting; other awards he won in Munich and Vienna. Other important works by him are: Venetian Pre-Alps; Harvest; Marina, in the Gallery of Modern Art in Rome. Paintings of him are in the main galleries of Europe.


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