Born in Amalfi on February 15, 1863, died in Naples on February 9, 1920. From his childhood he was a pupil of Giacomo Di Chirico, then he went to Rome where he attended the studios of artists, especially foreigners, who were there. Later he went to Paris and London, remaining abroad for more than a decade and thus forming an artistic personality in which one can feel the influences of the French Impressionists, their grace as illustrators, and at the same time the coloristic pastiness typical of the School. Neapolitan. A very sensitive artist, Scoppetta portrayed Neapolitan, Parisian and London landscapes, and was particularly effective, as a figurist, in capturing the grace of femininity on the canvas. The first painting of him appeared in 1861 at the Promoter "Salvator Rosa" of Napo li, and was purchased by the King: currently it is part of the Capodimonte Pinacoteca. Other works of him: Who will be; In the square; On the mountains of Amalfi; Along the way, purchased by the King and kept in the Capodimonte Art Gallery; Portrait of a princess; Passion flower; Speck; Watercolor: all exhibited at the "Salvator Rosa" in Naples, between 1885 and 1911; Estate, sent to Venice in 1887; Maria and Scena in strada, sent to London in 1888. for that Italian Exposition; Marina di Amalfi and Fontana di Amalfi, exhibited in Palermo in 1891-1892; The painter in the countryside and On the Amalfi coast, presented in Munich in 1893; Surroundings of Naples, exhibited at the Paris Salone in 1900; Amalfi (bozzettone) and Vallata di mulini in Amalfi, with which he participated in the Monaco Principality Exposition in the same year; Santuzza and Impressions of Paris, exhibited at the Paris Motor Show in 1901; Good Friday in Amalfi, presented to you the following year; Impression of Paris, sent to Monaco Principality in 1905; Palazzo Patocki in Paris, exhibited at the "Amatori e Cultori" exhibition in Rome, in 1910; Neapolitan tavern, also sent to the Venetian Biennale in 1910; Notturno e Pensosa, exhibited in 1914. In 1920 at the same Exhibition an individual exhibition of his works was organized, collecting thirty-five, among which Lettura was noted. Scoppetta was also a witty illustrator and worked especially for the "Italian Illustration" of the Treves Publishing House. Shortly before his death, he published an interesting little volume of verse, "Rhythms of the Heart."


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