Born in Milan on 21 June 1815, died there on 3 December 1869. An artist by instinct, he had no teachers or attended schools. Inspired by Tiepolo, he gave a new direction to ornamental painting, and in Milan he left valuable works in the Palazzo Litta, in the Palazzo Poldi, in the Villa Ghirlanda in Cinisello, in the Palazzo Serbelloni, whose works he expected in collaboration with the Podesti and Bertini. While still young, he was paralyzed in the lower limbs, managing then to recover somewhat, but not so much as to be able to continue with the fresco work. In recent years he devoted himself to flower painting, and from 1863 to his death he taught practical ornamentation at the Brera Academy. In his new pictorial activity he succeeded in excelling, and admired were, in 1900, at the Exhibition of Lombard Painting of the 1800s, the paintings of him Fiori di lui, property of the Pinacoteca di Brera; Flowers in a vase and Flowers in a copper bucket, belonging to Mrs. Cerri Scrosati; as well as Interno del Duomo di Milano, a watercolor owned by the Artists and Patriotic Society of Milan, and Uccelli, by Dr. G. B. Sosterò. Other important works by him are: Pollaio and Fiori in the collection of Gustavo Botta in Milan; Garland of flowers, in the Civic Museum of Turin; four paintings of Fiori and Portal of a palace in Venice, which can be found in the Gallery of Modern Art in his hometown. The esteem of connoisseurs for the artist's easel work has grown over the years: in 1927 in Milan small canvases by him were re-exhibited, revealing an intimate Scrosati, quite different from the agile and imaginative fresco. Two of the aforementioned works by him appeared at the Venice Biennale of 1928, in the retrospective exhibition of the 1800s.


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