Born in Venice on 5 September 1873, he studied for some time under the guidance of Cesare Laurenti. like his brother, then his inclination led him to continue alone. He made his debut in 1896 in Turin with In laboratory; then he exhibited, at the Permanente in Venice, In search of oblivion, his property. Modest, alien to research not suggested by artistic necessity, he specialized in the reproduction of the characteristic aspects of Venice, which he portrayed with simplicity and grace. In 1899 at the Venice Biennale he exhibited Morning Departure, which was purchased for the Gallery of Modern Art in Rome. The painting of him Decay was bought by the late Queen Mother; Machines under pressure, for the Gallery of Modern Art in Venice; Life in the canals, which is part of a cycle of Venetian subjects, belonged to the Russian imperial family and is currently preserved by the Government of the U.S.S.R. 8. in the Kremlin Palace. Other works by him presented at the Venetian Biennials: A palace; A foundation; Un rio (poor Venice), exhibited in 1905; Venice, in 1907; Casette al sole and Un rio in Venice, in 1912; eight lithographs of Venetian subjects, in 1914; Interior, in 1922; Musestre sul Sile, in 1932. Other canvases by him: Uno sbergo, in the Sieber collection in Milan; I quarry mud; Ice cream ditch; Venice under the snow; In the courtyard of the hospice, property of the Hon. Marzotto.


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