He was born in Genoa in 1832, died there on September 25, 1883. Just twelve years old, he was admitted to the Ligustica Academy, where he studied under the guidance of Giuseppe Isola. In 1857, in the competition for the Marquis Durazzo pension, won by Nicolo Barabino, he obtained the 'access'. In 1861 he won the four-year pension Traverso. With the Barabino he went to Florence; later with him he painted the ceiling of the Carlo Felice theater in Genoa; he frescoed the dome of Our Lady of Consolation; he worked in the Palazzo Cattaneo-Adorno, in the Parish of Nervi and in the Certosa di Rivarolo. His works appeared at the 19th century Ligurian Painting Exhibition held in Genoa in 1926: The Ascension, cartoon for the fresco in the parish church of Arenzano; The preaching of San Giovanni Battista (sketch) and Bagnante (defined by various art historians as his easel masterpiece, for which the painter's daughter would have lent itself to pose). He was one of the last Ligurian frescoes who reconnect with the tradition of the Genoese school; in fresco mural decoration he had a prominent place and of particular fame, also for the training of other good artists. Despite the official nature of much of his painting, he participated in the innovative Scuola Grigia Genovese, and as such remembered with three paintings at the exhibition celebrating that movement, held in Genoa, in 1963. He also had contacts with the Macchiaioli in Florence and Telemaco Signorini remembers him among the frequenters of the Caffè Michelangelo. The activity dedicated to religious frescoes was notable throughout Liguria; the following works are remembered: Our Lady of Consolation, Genoa, dome The fall of Lucifer (1878); Parish church of Nervi (San Siro), choir; Certosa di Rivarolo (San Bartolomeo), part of the vault, the presbytery and the dome; Church of San Francesco della Chiappetta, Bolzaneto, central vault The glory of San Francesco d'Assisi; Church of ss. Nicolò and Erasmo, Voltri, The coronation of the Virgin Mary, Saints Erasmus and Nicolo (1870); Parish church of Camogli (Assunta), The descent of the Holy Spirit, The dispute of Cesa in the temple; Parish church of Fra (Assunta), The Annunciation. He was a lithographer and draftsman. In 1867 the Ligustica Academy appointed him Academic of merit.


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