Born in Stazzema (Versilia) on February H, 1849, died on January 5, 1923. He studied at the Florentine Academy, and first devoted himself to engraving. He was helped by a patron so that he could go to Paris, where for four years he studied at the Gérome school. In 1878 he exhibited La Foresta di Fontainebleau at the Salone, and his Portrait of an Old Lady is also from that time, which is currently preserved in the Gallery of Modern Art in Florence. In 1879, after visiting Spain and Switzerland, he returned to Florence. He was a very attentive draftsman, with a classical style in his portraits, which he executed in large numbers. Alien from exhibitionism, he lived far from artistic circles, painting first in Umbria, then in Stazzema. He also devoted himself to sculpture. His main work is Il Riflesso (1887), preserved in the Gallery of Modern Art of the Capital. Other notable works are: Spanish courtyard, in the collection of Mrs. Nerina Simi; Rest; San Girolamo; Neruccia and Ietting, all exhibited in Bologna in 1888; Spring; The suspect; The parks; The consumptive; Bice; My parents; Neruccia. In 1889, at the Universal Exhibition in Paris, he was awarded a bronze medal; and he too exhibited in Venice. His son Renzo was introduced by him to art.


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