Born in Salerno on January 27, 1857. He lived for many years in Venice, and treated the genre painting, the landscape, the marina, the interiors. He had studied in Naples and while still young, in 1880, he had made his debut at the "Salvator Rosa" Promoter, in which he had appeared until 1896, subsequently introducing: he has left; The new guests; Marina of Capri; In Piazza d'Erbe (Venice); In Chioggia; Internal canal of Venice; Rain in the summer. He also participated in important exhibitions held in Italy and abroad: in 1891, in Milan, with Marina di Capri; View of Capri and Graziella; in 1891-1892 at the National of Palermo, with Marina di Capri and Studio dal vero; in 1892, at the Exhibition held in Genoa for the Fifth Colombian Centenary, with Piazza d'Erbe in Verona; Grand Canal from Ca 'Foscari; Visit to the stable; in Rome, the following year, with the aforementioned Piazza d'Erbe in Verona; In Venice and the Baptistery of San Marco; in Milan, in 1894, with A Venezia; Ponte del Lavo; Ca 'd'oro; in Venice, at the first International Exposition, with Ultimi Raggi; in Rome, in 1895-1896, with Sudden Rain; First voice and A bit of politics; in Turin, in 1896, with Ultimi fiori, and in the same year in Berlin with First call and the aforementioned A bit of politics; in Munich, again in 1896 m, with Towards the sunset; in Florence in 1896-1897, with: "The butterflies; A painting in the square in Venice; Last flowers and nascent flowers; in Milan, in 1897, with A Venice; at the 1898 Turin Quadriennale with: End of a day; A page interesting and / award-winning calves, work that brought particular success; in Monaco Principato, in 1901, with Durante la festa; in Turin, in 1902, with Luci diverse; Winter sad and La polenta; in Munich, in the same year, with Opposti torrenti; in Rome, in 1904, with: Freddo; Sfogliando; Christmas Eve at the Pescheria and La polenta; in Rome, in 1905, with: The neighbors; Desinando; Studio and Diverse luci; in Rome, in 1906, with : Lavorando; Una spy and Nel bosco; in the same year at the Internazionale di Milano, with: Sola; Fiori d'alpe and Nel bosco; at the 1907 Venetian Biennale, with: Canto della sera; Automobile; Imminente conference; Snow and A Pedavena; in Rome, at the Exhibition of "Amatori e Cultori" in 1908, with: Verso la Fonte; Autumn Notes and Award-Winning Calves; Milan, also in 1908, with Alcool (triptych); in Venice in 1908 again, with the Virgin of the roses; at the Venice International of 1909, with: The orchard and Baci di sole; in Milan, in 1910, with the aforementioned Christmas Eve in Pescheria Santa Margherita and Through the woods; in the same year at the Venice Biennale, with: From my studio in Pedavena and Return from the market; in Buenos Aires, with Different Lights and in Santiago de Chile, with La Spy; in Venice, at the International of 1914, with: San Marco and Ricordo di Salerno. He was therefore a landscape painter, on the whole, curious about all aspects of nature and never satisfied with the variety of places. His words are: "I wanted to keep myself firm in the circle of my visions and I never deviated from the results that my ingenuity could offer to the public".


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