Born in Rome in 1842, died in 1900. At the Academy of San Luca, he was a pupil of Podesti, Tommaso Minardi and Capaiti, and was especially famous as an animalist and landscape painter, reproducing the suggestive places of the Roman countryside. His most notable works are: A chariot drawn from buffaloes in the Pontine Marshes, preserved in the Revoltella Museum in Trieste; Fight of bulls, in the Gallery of Modern Art in Rome; A train wreck, purchased by the Ministry of Education; A brand of bovi in Ostia, purchased by the Royal House; other Railway disaster and An oil production in Ceccano, purchased by King Umberto I; Un carro alla Marchegiana, exhibited in Paris in 1889 with the aforementioned fight of bulls; A tooth pick in the middle of a fair in the Valle del Sacco, who emigrated to Chile.


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