Born in Milan in October 1848, died in Miazzina (Lake Maggiore) in July 1917. Pece his artistic studies at the Brera Academy. The first period of his activity took place in the romantic and realist environment of Milan. Established in 1872 in Miazzina, on Lake Maggiore, there Tominetti formed his own unmistakable personality as an artist. «Driven by the instinctive qualities of his healthy and good soul - wrote Antonio Massara - he was first drawn to love disinterestedly those mountains, those pastures, those farmhouses imbued with a clear and vibrant atmosphere. The best way to paint him came from that love. Achille Tominetti set about "pulling down" the various aspects that that landscape presented to him. Barren pastures, groups of sheep grazing by white birch trees, mountain backgrounds, the last lights of the sunset, groups of houses in his Miazzina began to enter his canvases, to repeat themselves ». Among the main works of him are remembered: Surroundings of Milan, exhibited in Brera in 1871; One morning in Val Intrasca; exhibited in 1872; Alpine walk; First snow; Alpine cottage; It's raining, all exhibited in 1883; The dawn; April; A rustic courtyard; Village; Last rays and In search of wood, exhibited in Brera in 1891 and the last two in the collection of the late painter Pompeo Mariani; Lake Maggiore, owned by Belloni; Under the snow, exhibited in Venice in 1905; Plowing in Miazzina and Return to the fold, in the Landscape Museum in Pallanza; The first mass, owned by Mantegazza; Wood with pond, in the collection of gr. office Attilio Pirotta of Milan; First rays in the high mountains, owned by Secchi; Summer afternoon; Mountain landscape; Marina di Cogoleto and Monti di Miazzina, all in the Gallery of Modern Art in Milan; Thunderstorm in the mountains.


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