Born in Trieste on 21 May 1854, died there on 22 December 1936. Son of Augustus. He was a pupil of the private school of Munich, directed by Emil Adam, assisted by his brother Franz, both particularly painters of horses and hunting scenes. Like them, he specialized in painting horses and horse racing scenes. He exhibited his first work, Roman chariot, in 1873. He then participated in the exhibitions in Vienna (1880), in various exhibitions in Milan, Turin, Trieste and Padua in 1928. In 1900 in Vienna he was awarded a gold medal. But in general he exhibited little, always working instead on commission from private individuals. His main works are: The Huns' raid on the Friulian plain, in the Schenker Gallery, in Budapest; Shooting four, formerly in the collection of Prince Kinski of Prague and currently in the T.K. from Milan; Return from the Montebello races, owned by Brunner di Trieste; Hungarian wagon (1899), in the Hamburg Museum; Circus Maximus (1914), sold in Vienna; Horse merchant in Friuli, owned by Rome (Romania). He also painted portraits of individual horses, various horse fairs, and reproduced horses from the races of San Siro (Milan); he made various pictures of horse subjects for art dealers in Vienna. He also made a series of portraits of Trieste personalities. His works can be found in Trieste, in various cities of Italy and Austria, and many in America. From 1883 to 1925, succeeding his father, he was director of the Revoltella Museum in Trieste, in which there is a painting of him representing a workhorse. During the First World War the artist was imprisoned and interned in Lower Austria because he belonged to the irredentist party.


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