Born in Turin on February 19, 1845, died in Turin on June 23, 1904. According to his father's will, he studied law and in 1879 was a notary in a small village in the Val di Lanzo. Attracted by art - which he had studied at the Accademia Albertina, a pupil of Gamba for drawing, of Andrea Gastaldi for painting and of Lauro for engraving, later perfecting himself in Florence - he devoted himself entirely to it. A vigorous performer of genre paintings and etching valents, he had notoriety and a large clientele. In his works one appreciates the subtle, elegant comedy, far from the caricature, but which reveals a profound knowledge of the small miseries of humanity. By means of engraving he reproduced several ancient and modern works. In Turin in 1880 he exhibited: Portrait in costume, currently preserved in the Civic Museum of that city; Martyrs of grammar; The eve of the Epiphany; Monsignor will attend the performance; Puppeteer; I want to amend and Piazza Maria Formosa in Venice; in Milan, the following year, Questua delusa; in the same city in 1883, The arrival; in 1886, Christmas in the convent. Other works by him are: Memento; Art fire does not make the pot boil; Let's go to the world; The magnano of Turin; In the temple of Bacchus; The name day of the confessor; Varigotti; In the orchard, his latest work. In addition to the aforementioned painting, the Civic Museum of Turin preserves a collection of etchings by Turletti.


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