Born in Alexandria on June 15, 1857, alive. From a Novese family, he was taken to Novi at an early age. He began his artistic studies at the Accademia Albertina in Turin, in 1878; then he continued them in Genoa and Florence, and in Genoa, the city in which he taught at the Ligustica Academy, he carried out most of his activity. He especially treated the navy and the landscape, with realist art, alien to the search for effects. He made his debut at the Turin Promoter in 1881, with Triclinium. Then he exhibited: in Rome, in 1883, II butcher, and at the Promoter of Turin Voices and vanities in the fields; in 1884, at the Turin Exposition: Hawthorn flowers; The Scrivia; The day of San Bovo and hot hours; in 1887, in Venice: A fisherman on the lake; Idillio e Mare, and at the Turin Promoter, November; in 1888, at the National Exhibition of Bologna: Autumn sad; Faith and Flowers, and to the aforementioned Promoter: Tramonto; then, again at the Promoter: in 1889: Return to work; in 1890: On the canal; in 1891: Old houses and Prayer. The following are mentioned of him: The song of the morning; At the Rio and Return from the Fields, which appeared at the Promotrice of Genoa, and praised by critics. Frescoes by him can be admired in the Villa Raggio in Corniglia-no. Currently the artist is dedicated to the trade of ancient paintings.


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