Born in Forlì on August 10, 1845, died in Florence on October 22, 1902. He studied at the price of great sacrifices at the Florentine Academy, a pupil of Pollastrini, but followed a completely different path than that of the master, as he revealed from the beginning uncommon valentia in the genre and costume paintings (of the 16th, 17th, 18th centuries), which he executed with a lively and graceful color design, choosing with certain intuition the subjects that best met the public's taste. Therefore, the numerous commissions and the financial fortune of the young artist from Romagna succeeded in the difficult beginnings. His paintings were compared by some to those of Meissonier, but only by analogy of arguments. He exhibited a lot, and most worked on behalf of amateurs and art dealers. Among his paintings, which went to enrich collections and museums throughout Europe, we mention: After the bath, exhibited in 1879 in Munich and awarded a gold medal; the self-portrait, very beautiful, preserved in the Pitti Gallery in Florence; To the most beautiful; The visit to the grandmother; A kidnapping (15th century custom); A bather; An appointment; The approach of the storm; Before the duel, kept in the Galleria d'Arte Moderna in Milan; Portrait of his brother-in-law Luigi Paoletti, property of Tommaso Rosselli Sassatelli del Turco; The visit to the studio, belonging to Edoardo Bonci; Old Dusting, to Baron G. E. Levi; Molena and Fiera in Cortona, both owned by comm. Roberto Spranger: all five exhibited in Florence in 1933, for the 90th anniversary of the foundation of the Society of Fine Arts. There. Vinea was a resident professor of the Florence Academy.


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