Born in Venice on February 12, 1848, died in Vittorio Veneto in 1914. From a Greek father and a Venetian mother, he merged the color skills of the Venetians with oriental fantasy. After completing his classical studies, he attended the Academy of Venice, at the same time as Nono, Favretto, Milesi. He was especially successful in watercolor, and as a watercolorist he exhibited and was often awarded in the main Italian exhibitions: in Venice, Rome, Milan; and abroad: in Munich, Leningrad, London, Paris. He had made his debut, with a watercolor, Le rondini, in 1880, at the Turin Exposition; then he participated in that of Milan (1881) with Merchant of fans; Alla preaching and Popolana. In 1883 he introduced The Lovers to Rome; in 1891, at the Triennale di Brera in Milan, Love Letter; The wharf of San Marco and A flight in the 1700s, a painting that was then re-exhibited in Munich. From 1897 he participated in the Venetian Biennials: that year with: Venetian Girl; Perplexity; Portrait and Popolana with child at the ferry (sketch); in 1901, with Raggio di sole (internal) and Head of a girl (watercolor); in 1912 with: Portrait of a little girl; Il Meschio in the evening; Vespers Hour and Male Portrait (watercolor); in 1914 with Evening in winter and Exit from the church (1700). In 1932, in Venice, on the occasion of the retrospective exhibition «Thirty years of Venetian life», his works were exhibited: The plow and Riposo campestre belonging to Mr. Nicolò De Pasquali of Genoa; Portrait of Marius de Maria, belonging to the painter Traiano Chitarin. He also has itinerant players of him.


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