Born in Masi (Padua) on 18 September 1854, died in San Remo on 19 July 1929. From a very poor family, he learned the first elements of art in Lendinara, from Federico Cordenons, then studied at the Cignaroli Academy in Verona, under the guidance by Napoleone Nani; finally he perfected his artistic education in Rome. Valent draftsman, he treated the painting in oil and watercolor, making himself noticed for the novelty of the subjects he treated. After having made his debut with an exhibition in the Municipality of Lendinara, he exhibited: in 1883, in Rome: II calderaro; The sufferer; The Neapolitan seamstresses and the soap maker; in the same year, in Milan: Le orlatrici; From Sant'Elmo and Al Pincio; in 1884, in Naples, Neapolitan Zoccolaio and in Turin: Tempesta; First thunder; Zoccolaro of Naples; in 1885, in Milan, First born; in 1887, in Venice: Waiting; Al Redentore and Pearl silators. In 1888 he went to Paris and the following year he presented Fior di Campo at the Salone. In 1891 he left Venice, directed to Constantinople, where he had to make his fortune, as, after numerous difficulties, he was appointed painter of the Sultan and rose in honors to the point of being conferred the title of Pasha. In 1910, following the revolution of the Young Turks, he was forced to return to his homeland. In this period he participated in important artistic events, with works of oriental subject, views of Constantinople, travel impressions. We mention: Turkish bath (triptych); Screaming Dervish; The prayer of the dervishes; The ten mouharrem; Yanghen var; Bairam; Odalisque, purchased in 1907 by Mr. Bombrini of Genoa; View of the Bosphorus from Condily, purchased by the Municipality of Padua. In 1919 in Milan, a personal exhibition of the artist's works was held in favor of the War Mutilated, in which there were two hundred-thirty-four, representing oriental landscapes and the Ligurian Riviera, where the Zonaro had gone to spend his last years . The following paintings were purchased from the Municipality of Milan for the Gallery of Modern Art: Villa Lago Maggiore in Rapallo; Regattas in Rapallo and Piazza dell'Annunziata in Genoa. Another important work of the artist is II auctioneer, owned by Mr. Dino Camerini of Padua. In a book of Memoirs he left interesting descriptions of the customs of the Turkish court.


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