Born in Mede Lomellina di¬cembre 7, 1881, died September 16, 1941 in Portofino. Student of Cesare heel and Vespasian Bignami Brera Academy, we point since 1901, winning a tie with Ambrose Alciati of the competition for a historical banned from ?? Academy in Milan, with the work ?? lustful Cleopatra; in 1908 won the award Mylius with work ?? l ?? Hero; in 1912 he won the prize Fumagalli and in 1922 the prize of the City of Florence. In the first decade of the twentieth century follows notoriety as a portraitist stylish and fashionable, not only in Italy but also in England and Egypt. E ?? also skilled landscape painter during repeated trips to America, North Africa, England, France and Rhodes. Between 1924 and 1925 stays in Egypt, called the court of King Fuad; in 1927 went to Algeria. These trips will be opportunities for two large personal success vivo, respectively at the Galleria Pesaro in Milan and London, organized by the magazine here ?? ?? The Studio. Participated in numerous exhibitions in Rome, Venice, Milan, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo Bra¬sile, in Cairo. At the Venice Biennale in 1930 he exhibited his portrait, now in the collection of self-portraits in the Uffizi in Florence. His paintings are in the Museum of Ricci-Oddi Pia¬cenza and Galleries ?? Modern Art in Milan, San Paulo and Lima in Peru. Among his works excel portrait of Lida Borelli, those of Princess Amalia of Bavaria; Prin¬cipe the Crown and Princess Maria; Duchess of Pistoia; the Crown Prince of Egypt Farouk and many others, kept in the living rooms and in private galleries and Italian in¬glesi. The Museo della Scala is his portrait of Marco Prague. Together with portraits should be mentioned the female nudes that recur frequently in his pictorial subjects. While his early works of the late disheveled ancestry are tuned in light colors, those of recent years taking lives ignitions of tints and more intensity.