ENRICO Gallerie d'Arte, were founded in Alassio (SV) in 1972 by Franco and Giliana Enrico and deal mainly with Italian XIX Century. In 1994, they opened the headquarters in the historic center of Genoa, in Via Garibaldi, the famous street full of famous sixteenth century Museums and Palaces; in this gallery, as well as national artists, is given great attention to Ligurian painters of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

In 1995, given the growing interest of customers, they will open a space in Milan in the central Via Senato, now the main place of business, with a large exhibition open to the public.

Currently the Art Galleries of Milan and Genoa are managed by their sons Angelo and Enrico Serafino, who, in addition to a market experience gained over the years, have been able to deepen their studies and hone their skills, thanks to a historical and to a huge library specialized in all XIX Century, continuously updated, precious heritage of the Gallery.

In the exhibition area of Milan join their demonstrations in commercial aspect, important cultural initiatives, such as the monographs relating to the painter Pompeo Mariani (1857 - 1927) made for the exhibition of 1996, with all works from his studio in Bordighera, and the next one in 1998, including almost all of his travel notebooks with full cataloging the same; on that occasion was also exposed to the public all the archive of the monzese painter owned by Enrico Galleries. These publications are certainly a point of reference for the study of the painter and his artistic career.

Other important publications were made during the discovery, in 1996, a masterpiece of historical Induno Domenico (1815-1878) "Bread and tears" and in 2002 for the discovery of four masterpieces of Telemaco Signorini (1835-1901), of which it had gone missing, works pictorial symbol in the experience of the famous Macchiaiolo painter.

In numerous group exhibitions ENRICO presented important artists of all Italian schools starting from Lombard Scapigliatura, the Venetian School, in the Liguria, Piedmont, Naples and Sicily, without neglecting the International Masters as Boldini, De Nittis and Zandomeneghi, Macchiaioli movement in Tuscan, as well as the great schools of the Masters Italian Divisionists.

Recently they have also organized some "very original" exhibition with accompanying catalog, with the theme "Nature and Hunting in European XIX Century", made in the wake of Sporting Art, Anglo-Saxon tradition, in which we tried to combine a passion for hunting , the nature and the sport that for painters with an artistic value and historical, represented in major museums of modern art in Europe.

Many were also the participations to the most important exhibitions of antiques in the last 20 years, in cities such as Milan, Genoa, Venice, Florence, Modena, Brescia, Como, etc., always exposing XIX Century paintings of high quality and artistic value.

Thanks to their historical experience and their thirty years of market ENRICO Gallerie d'Arte are often contacted by major museums and by national and international cultural institutions to collaborate on public shows, through the loan of their works or private collections formed with counseling and the collaboration of the same.

ENRICO also plays a consultancy for banks, institutions or collectors, both targeted investment in works of art, selecting the most interesting paintings from the market, and to the formation of important collections, through the provision of the above, the their experience and their culture, to make better and more informed choices of works in the panorama of Italian painting of the Nineteenth Century.


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