Born in Brescia October 19, 1834, died in Bordeaux September 15, 1899. He attended the School of Design of Brescia under the guidance of teachers and Gabriele Rottini Faustino Joli; later ?? s enrolled all'Acca¬demia Milan's Brera, where he Studied under Francesco Hayez (1853-1856). Caught by ?? patriotic enthusiasm, left Milan without Completing His studies to take part as a volunteer to the Risorgimento campaigns: in 1859 in San Martino, in 1860 with Garibaldi in Sicily, in 1866 in Trentino and in 1870 in the Vosges During the Franco Prussian conflict. After being a first time, in 1866, in Paris, you will return three years after exposing the Salon in painting and two drawings, Which earned him an award. From 1872 to 1878 returns to His hometown, Brescia, while continuing to travel frequently in France, England, Spain and America, by painting views inspired campaigns Brescia, Valtellina and Brittany, seascapes of ?? Atlantic, scenes and sketches from life. He moved to Bordeaux in 1878, albeit with frequent returns to hometown. His paintings are in private collections preserved Mainly Brescia.