Born in Florence on March 6, 1847, died in the same city on October 30, 1930. Initiated into art at just nine years of age by the miniaturist Angiolo Tricca, he perfected himself at the Academy of Florence in 1861, under the guidance of Enrico Pollastrini and Stefano Ussi. At the age of sixteen he won a competition from the same Academy; at seventeen he painted, on behalf of the king, the painting Savonarola chasing two assassins of Bentivoglio from his cell, inspired by the Cronache del Villani. Since 1879 he has been a professor at the Florentine Academic College. He creates many frescoes and decorative subjects for interiors; famous and appreciated are above all his genre paintings depicting costume scenes of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries and his small landscapes, linked to the ways of Tuscan realism and Macchiaioli affinity. Among the main works of him, we remember: Crapuloni; Reconciliation; A Music Lesson, sold in London in 1925; To whom of the two; II return from the field; Half a figure of an old man; The grandfather; The interrupted dance; Country idyll; The farewell; Caresses to the grandfather; The friend of the house and Page with dog, sold in Paris in 1877; The presentation; Gem; Margherita pizza; Gallantry; A bacchant; Empire Costume; A knight; The walk; The Italian masks; Venice and Self-portrait, requested and purchased by the Directorate of the Galleries of Florence, where it is currently located. His works are sought after on the international market, especially Anglo-Saxon and American.