Born in Milan in 1840, died August 12, 1904 at the Simplon Pass. Of English origin, as the older brother Louis, also ?? he painter, he studied at the Accademia di Brera in Milan Gaetano Fasanotti and Luigi Riccardi. He improves later in Switzerland under the leadership of the landscape painter Alexandre Calame, whose influence is evident in his early landscapes made in the stay in Rome (1872-1880). Following moves to England, in Switzerland and in the neighboring valleys of Ossola and Verbano. Since 1892 he lives permanently in Domodossola, starting point for excursions in ?? Ossola and upper Valley Valdese, where he does his entire career as a painter. Participates in various national and international exhibitions. One of his great picture, Forest of beech with sheep, exhibited in Philadelphia is awarded silver medal. His works are mostly held in private collections, including foreign ones; an important nucleus is now in a private collection nordame¬ricana (Twilight at Lake of Avino; Monte Leone Alpe Veglia, Monte Rosa, Macugnaga; The river Anzo in Anzasca, A way of Zermatt, Lake Riffel; Lake of Piedilugo).