Born in Milan December 30, 1827 and died in the same city November 14, 1914. After an initial interest in legal studies, abandons the Faculty of Law of Pavia to take part in the wars of Independence ??. After the war experience ?? s ?? enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera, where he studied under Francesco Hayez. Refine later its artistic culture traveling for ?? Italy and staying longer in Rome, particularly establishing itself as a painter of portraits, history paintings, genre scenes and customs. E ?? also a painter of frescoes (The blessing of children, the parish church of Carate Brianza) and engraver at ?? etching (remember three plates with Conta¬dini). He participated in various exhibitions in Milan and Turin where, in 1861, the painting On the eve of the release is awarded and purchased by the Prince of Carignano; One day in 1877, the painting of carne¬vale in Rome is sold in Paris. Among his works include: The curiosity; The arrest; A path perico¬loso; II appear in the fashion of the Alps; On the eve of the festival; The curious. His portraits are preserved in the Society of Artists and the Patriotic Mi¬lano (Biella Angelo and Luigi Ponti) and Collections of Art ?? d ?? Ospedale Maggiore in Milan (Luigi Pedroni, 1870; Peter de Medici Novate, 1885; De Cesare Vecchi, 1901; Francis Baron, 1903). The Gallery of Modern Art in Milan preserves the historical canvas of Mary Frangipane mourns the death of Conrad of Sweden (1862; tied Bonavia Jacinta 1942) and the subject of the figure with the bathroom Girl (1907; Malerba donation Rina widow Paladini Cartellieri, 1923). Some paintings from the collection of the patron and benefactor José Moreno de Mora of Cádiz, were recently linked by the heirs, the family Aramburu Picardo, the same Spanish city (2012).