Born in Livorno on November 20, 1874 and died in Florence on December 1, 1948. A pupil of Giovanni Fattori at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, to whom he is bound by an affectionate friendship, he made his debut in 1906 in the competition for the illustrations of Dante's Divine Comedy held by the Alinari Brothers. In the same year he went to Paris, then to London, where he admired English painting of the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries (Reynolds, Lawrence), especially in the portrait genre; finally, he moved to North America for four years, where he carried out a successful pictorial activity. Initially devoted to history painting, he later specialized in scenes from popular life and in the depiction of animals and landscapes. He is also a skilled fresco decorator (he paints the poem Humana gens on the walls and ceiling of the library of Villa ex Magni Rizzoli, Canzo, province of Como). His works include: Metamorphosis and Beasts, exhibited respectively at the 1914 and 1920 Venice International Art Exhibition; the great Malnati pastel, which earned him the Prince Umberto Prize at the Brera Academy (1918); Arab market, painted in Tunis in 1921 on behalf of Minister Galicer; Baruffa (Reggio Emilia, N. D. Trirelli Trampolin collection); Street Vendor, Reprimand and Self-portrait (Bologna, Montanari collection); The birth of the redo, The buttero and the herd, Tamer, From the dentist, the sketch Il ballo del marinaio, Avvoltoio (Bologna, Badini collection); The horse market in Cascina and the interior of the stable with cows (Turin, Innocenti collection); Piazza del Nettuno in Bologna during wartime, Portrait of Mister Dudesvnold, Portrait of cav. Eugenio Tassinari (Naples, Tassinari collection); The garment (Milan, Gola collection). His works are in Milan, Pinacoteca Ambrosiana (Dante meets Farinata and Dante receives Giotto); in the art collection of the Intesa Sanpaolo Bank (Portrait of the banker Jósef Leopold Toeplitz, 1925); Montopoli Val d’Arno, Civic Museum of Palazzo Guicciardini (the pastel Girl on a pink background, the oil on canvas Piazza della Repubblica, on loan for use by the Circolo Arci Italia, the terracotta tea service, on loan from '' Use from the collection of C. Salini) and Pieve (Baptism of Christ); Crespina, Villa-Museo Modigliani Pepi (oil on canvas Portrait of a gentleman; pastels on cardboard Face, Campagna and Boy; watercolors on paper Young from Montopoli Valdarno and Butteri; pencil on paper Figures and drawings in pen on paper with Groups of people).