Amero, or Amerino Cagnoni, also known as Amerigo, (Milan, July 16, 1853 - Milan, February 1, 1923), was an Italian painter, illustrator and draftsman. After having been director of a spinning mill in Brianza and administrator of a noble family from Asti, Cagnoni enrolled at the Brera Academy in Milan where he studied for seven years under the guidance of the painter Giuseppe Bertini. He distinguished himself in the pastel technique, and in genre painting, with a preference for portraits. With Luigi Conconi he was a caricaturist for Il Guerin Meschino, the Italian Illustration, the Italian Almanac, as well as Ars et Labor, representing in particular the musical world of the time. In Milan, his works are kept in the Modern Art Gallery and in the Milan Museum (mostly small oils, watercolors and some very small drawings); Hours counted is found in the modern art gallery in Piacenza. At the time of his death, which took place in Milan on February 1, 1923, Conconi was part of the commission that administered, on behalf of the municipality, the Lombardo Croci legacy in favor of painters and sculptors in need; he was also a councilor of the Brera Academy and taught painting and drawing in the women's vocational school. The Municipality of Milan has named via Amero Cagnoni near piazzale Gambara, in the western part of the city, after the artist.