Born in Livorno on 4 October 1859, died in Florence on 8 November 1933. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, in Naples with Domenico Morelli, and most recently attended the Bonnat course in Paris. In the French capital, salaried by the Goupil House, during 15 years of residence he painted many genre paintings, sports and many half figures for French and English illustrated newspapers, quickly making himself noticed and appreciated. With the exception of once at the Paris Motor Show, he never took part in any exhibition, both Italian and foreign. He gave his name in Italy to the painting Dream, purchased by the government and kept in the Gallery of Modern Art in Rome. Having returned from France to Italy and settled permanently in Florence, he devoted himself with enthusiasm and good preparation almost exclusively to the portrait. Some of his works: The Countess Anna Morosini; Senator Domenico Comparetti; Self-portrait, belonging to the Galleries of Florence; Queen Margherita; Monsignor Bonomelli; Giosuè Carducci; Visconti Venosta; Panzacchi; De Bloswitz. In 1904 he was called to Germany, where, housed in the Imperial Palace in Potsdam, he painted the portraits of Emperor Wilhelm and the Empress. On his way to Lisbon, he painted a large portrait of the then Queen Amelia. In 1932 he portrayed the Princess of Piedmont.