Born in Bologna on December 27, 1845, died there on June 2, 1916. He treated landscape, portrait and genre painting with scrupulous fidelity to the truth, remaining faithful to tradition even in the period in which new trends were affirming themselves everywhere. He participated in numerous national exhibitions, always favored by collectors and the public. Works of him: Words and deeds; A flower that languishes, exhibited in Milan in 1872; The holy family; Last autumn smiles and The blessing of the Catacombs, exhibited in Naples in 1877. In the same year his painting The Pigeons of San Marco was awarded in Vienna, and exhibited in Venice Battuta e rivattuta. In Paris at the 1900 World Exhibition he obtained an honorable mention with the Portrait of Olindo Guerrini. Other works: Pleasant meeting in the park; Sassomolare (Upper Bolognese Apennines); Flock abandoned; Upper Bolognese Apennines - sheep washing. The latter three were exhibited in Milan in 1906 on the occasion of the inauguration of the new Simplon Pass. Journey sad is preserved in the Gallery of Modern Art in Rome. Faccioli was a teacher at the Bologna Academy.