Born in Florence on July 10, 1864, alive. Self-taught. He made his debut in 1879 with a touch of a pen: Give alms for God's sake. Two of his paintings representing Bocce games were successful: one at the Paris Universal Exhibition in 1889 (now it is kept in the Gallery of Modern Art in Florence) and the other was bought by a private gallery in Buenos Aires. He took part in many Italian and foreign exhibitions and was awarded several times there. Main works by him: Siesta d'estate and several paintings representing the "Settignano crossroads", among which Effetto di rain in Settignano, which is now in a gallery in Livorno; The Settignano market, a large painting exhibited in Milan, Rome, Leningrad, Zurich and awarded in Florence in 1896; Country life, purchased by King Umberto and now in the Gallery of Modern Art in Florence; The game of the ruzzolone, which won the "Firenze" prize in 1895: The pregnant woman, awarded in Florence in 1909; Five minutes of rest for a worker; The chatter; Maternal smile, exhibited at the National Exhibition of Rome in 1900; A street in Padenghe and a wounded girl, d: royal property; Sosta di capre, exhibited and awarded at the Roman Biennale; La trecciaiola, at the Circolo degli Italiani in Buenos Aires; The peasants of Garda, in the Italian Art Gallery in Lima (Peru); Ante Occasum and Vita Campagnola, awarded at the Baruzzi Competition in Bologna and kept respectively in a private collection in Bologna and in the Modern Art Gallery in Palazzo Pitti in Florence.