Born in Prestinone in Val Vigezzo on 23 October 1871, still alive. Of humble origins, he studied at the School of Santa Maria Maggiore, in Val Vigezzo, then directed by Enrico Cavalli. At the age of twenty, he exhibited at the Milanese Triennale Memorial and Boiler Workshop, notable essays of his marked aptitudes and tendencies. Eager to deepen in technique, he went to France, and through the study of that impressionism he reached divisionism, a technique that he no longer had to abandon, understood by him not as fashion but as a means of expressing his artistic concepts. At the Milanese Triennale of 1897 he presented a painting, En plein air, which Segantini liked, who wanted Fornara to help him in the execution of the great panorama of the Engadine, for the 1900 Paris Exposition. Quadrennial of Turin The parable of life, triptych; and he held a successful solo show in which he presented twelve beautiful drawings. In 1905, in Munich, Winter Sadness, currently in the collection of comm. Claudio Tridenti-Pozzi of Milan, was awarded a gold medal. In 1907, at the exhibition of the Italian Divisionists held in Paris, the artist had a large room with Previati and Segantini. His End of Winter (1910) was bought by the Galleria d'Arte Moderna in Milan. In that same year he held solo exhibitions in Holland, Belgium and Bavaria; in 1911 he went to South America, and in 1912, at the Anglo-Latin Exhibition in London, he exhibited 42 works. In 1914, at the Venice Biennale he exhibited 27 works, including the great winter Vespero. In 1917 he completed his larger picture, The Conquest of the Land, for the Parliament Building in Buenos Aires. At the 1st Roman Biennale (1921) he exhibited: Last pastures; Golden meadow; Sunrise; The morning in the Alps; Clear peace; Vespero in winter already mentioned; Cimalmotto and the Self-portrait, now at the comm. Moizzi, in Milan. Other works: End of autumn in Valmaggia; Vocogno and January radiant, in the Gallery of Modern Art in Venice; The shadow extends; Evening on the mountains; Fontanalba; Snow on top; The bell tower. And again: April morning; Summer afternoon; October; Garden; Impression and Morning in winter which with Bottega di calderaio and Sadness in winter are part of the collection of comm. Claudio Tridenti-Pozzi of Milan. Most of his works are kept with private collectors in Italy and abroad.