Born in Livorno on 23 August 1876. Self-taught, although a great friend and admirer of Giovanni Fattori. He participated in the International Exhibitions of Venice: in 1901 with a self-portrait, in 1903 with a Portrait of a woman; in 1905 with L'ava and the Portrait of Miss Bertina Merzbacher. He exhibited at the New Gallery in London; at the Florentine Spring of 1901, 1902 and 1903; at the Saint Louis International Exhibition, where he won a bronze medal; then he no longer participated in any exhibitions, until 1928, the year in which he presented himself in Milan with a personal exhibition at the Pesaro Gallery, together with his sons Valentino and Paulo. Among the portraits he painted are noteworthy those of Mrs. Massini (1927) and of Signorina Fimi. Many of his works are preserved in the collection of Mr. Gustavo Sforni in Florence; in Lima in the National Art Gallery; in the Roller collection in Buenos Aires and in the Detroit Art Gallery.