Born in Noale on August 21, 1847, died in poverty in the hospital of Venice on May 30, 1916. He enrolled in that Academy at a very young age. He was certainly an artist of singular ability, but, always dissatisfied with his own work, and unable to discipline himself both in art and in life, he did not get the place to which he could have aspired. He was able to transport scenes and costumes of the Venetian people to the canvas. He treated exclusively the genre picture and the portrait, in which he distinguished himself. He exhibited in Munich, Paris, Vienna and the Venice International until the year in which his Chioggiotti was rejected in port, later bought by Margherita di Savoia who donated it to the Permanent Art Exhibition. Modern of Venice. Among his main paintings: An episode of the siege of Turin, currently with about seventy other works in the Municipality of Noale; Wedding Ball; Popolani in Venice; The regattas of Venice; Boatman; The little painters; The conscripts; From Mestre to Venice; Short breath; Half party; Preparations for the night of the Redeemer in Venice; Disappointment ; Conference; After the dispute; At the foot of a bridge; School of painting; Chapter one; The widow; Sunny party; Cecilia; May flowers; Monte Rosa; The feast of the spouses; Recruits; Incorrigible; Madonna.