He studied at the Accademia Albertina in Turin from 1911 to 1915, with Paolo Gaidano and Giacomo Grosso, and made his debut in 1922 at the Turin Fine Arts Promotion Society with a personal exhibition. He exhibits in numerous cities including Milan, Turin and Savona and is present at Italian exhibitions in Hamburg, Berlin, Budapest, Paris and Vienna. He participates in the Venice Biennials, 1926-1948, and in the Rome Quadrennials, 1931-1948. Since 1948 he has often worked in the Langhe where he will move. A predominantly landscape painter, he offers some of his best proofs during the first period of his stay at the Sanctuary of Savona (1919-1923), reinterpreting Italian divisionism in an original key: in fact, a sensitive interpreter of Pelizza's lesson, he marks the light through a bright chromaticism and a dense and pasty brushstroke. His frescoes on the history of Savona present in the town hall. Also interesting are the works performed after World War II and among these some landscapes and a series dedicated to violins. Works: Florence, Gallery of Modern Art. Finale Ligure, Council Chamber. Genova-Nervi, Gallery of Modern Art. Roccaverano, Parish Church. Rome, Galleria dell'Accademia di San Luca; National Gallery of Modern Art. Savona, Picture Gallery; Basilica of the Sanctuary (frescoes); Savings Bank; Ellera Parish Church; Council Chamber of the Town Hall; Brandale Tower. Turin, Gallery of Modern Art.