Born in Naples on 20 December 1861, died there on 28 November 1906. He first learned the art from his painter father; then he was a pupil of Morelli at the Academy of Naples and from these he drew freshness and liveliness of color. To get by, he worked long years as a Negro, making portraits for a few lire. He made monastic works, landscapes, genre paintings. Among them are especially remembered: You too were married, oh Mary! Successfully exhibited in Rome in 1883; Arnaldo da Brescia and Pope Adriano IV, exhibited in Turin in 1884; Pier Damiano and the Countess Adelaide of Susa. sent to Venice in 1887, and preserved, with the portrait of my master, in the Gallery of Modern Art in Rome; Dante and Matelda; Giovanna the Mad in front of the coffin of Philip the Fair; Pia de "Tolomei; Raphael and Leo X; Christopher Columbus; The Green Count; The cradle of the poor; The reaper; Daily bread, exhibited in Milan in 1906; Immaculate Conception, for the Cathedral of Nola; Along the road; Holy Family; Portrait of the sculptor Lista, preserved in the Gallery of Modern Art in Naples, Kyrie eleison, exhibited in Naples In 1910 in Venice, two of his works were exhibited in a retrospective exhibition: Interno and Cuore contento.