Born in Castagnola near Lugano on March 10, 1853, died in Sala Capriasca on August 6, 1923. He studied at the Milanese Academy of Brera, a pupil of Giuseppe Bertini, Valaperta and Riccardi, and quickly gained fame with The fruitless begging, the first painting exhibited (1874); A street in Milan; In the absence of the bosses; The broken bowl; The distraction and the sick little brother; so that his paintings were sought after and appreciated. He treated, with sure brushwork, balanced color, robust technique, subjects of genre, according to the fashion of the time; but he also executed many mountain landscapes, in which he evoked the native Alps with nostalgia of an artist. Having gone to Paris in 1885, he distinguished himself as a spirited illustrator of French novels, such as "Tartarin sur les Alpes" by Alfonso Daudet. In 1890 he was in Bern. Up to the last years of the artist's life, his works appeared in the main exhibitions: in Paris, in 1889, La polenta, re-exhibited in London in 1916; in 1892, Alba; in 1898, Il mosto, which is currently preserved with The Morning Prayer in the Galleria d'Arte Moderna in Milan. Then at the International Exhibition in Milan (1906) his paintings appeared in the Abandoned House; The life; The towpath; Portrait of a Lady and First Rays; at the Cinquantenaire Exhibition in Rome (1911), the two paintings II Mercato (Lake Lugano) and Arcobaleno; at the 1912 Venetian Biennale, Cerere and Plein air; to that of 1914, Le ranette and La valle; at the 1919 Turin Quadriennale, Miraggio; at the 1920 Venetian Biennale, La pianura; to the next, Chestnuts; at the 1923 Turin Quadrennial, The Farmer's Family. The Civic Museum of Turin preserves his work Sunday walk on the Atlantic coast. Other works are in the museums of Bern, Geneva and Berlin. Also quoted by Rossi: Portrait of General Sirtori; After the honeymoon; The master's vineyard; The painter's caravan; The jester; The gallant abbot; Dreams of youth; The return to the native country.

The nurses in the gardens

Oil on board

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