Born in Florence on February 24, 1844, died on December 19, 1931. As a young man, he enrolled in the Academy of Florence studying with Ciseri. He made his debut in 1861 with Corso Donati transported to the Badia di San Salvi, today at the Galleria d'Arte Moderna in Florence and with which he won, indeed, the three-year prize. Two years later he also obtained the Roman pensioner with the picture The Savonarola explaining the Bible to some friends, but he gave it up. He then devoted himself to historical painting, obtaining good success and also working contractually with the Parisian art dealer Goupil. Towards the end of the century he totally changed his theme, preferring folkloric and genre subjects to historical subjects, even if sometimes set in ancient times. Thus: The seller of crockery; From the liquorist; Pompeian street in the rain; Roman idyll of 1903; The Smoker in the Prague Museum. We also mention the paintings: The works of the fields, from the Province of Florence; Roman idyll, exhibited in Florence in 1903; The hunter; Portion of Bosco; Sulla Moscia and L'aratore presented in 1927 at the LXXX National Exhibition at Palazzo Pitti.