Born in San Giovanni Bianco (Bergamo) on February 19, 1827, died in Milan on April 19, 1898. Especially known as the author of popular marine. In 1844 he went to Milan, where he studied without attending any academy. In 1854 he began a very long journey through Europe, bringing back those impressions that must have been so beneficial to him during his fruitful career. He made his debut in Milan in 1857, at the Brera Exhibition. After other trips abroad, he fixed his residence in Milan, and was part of the brigade of artists which included the Induno, the Pagliano, Mosè Bianchi. Pompeo Mariani. As has been said, he produced a great deal, and his works appeared in several Italian exhibitions and also in Paris and London. We mention: The marina; The old port of Ostend and the pascoio on the road, exhibited in Parma in 1870; The return from fishing; A construction site; Low tide; The Navy; A street in London and Norman fishermen, presented in Milan; Venice in Ponte del Viu; Rising tide and low tide, sent to Turin in 1880; Ligurian Riviera; Marina; Rain effect; Riva degli Schiavoni; Lost; Fog; Laguna and Marina, presented in 1881 at the Milan Exhibition; Heifers; Lawsuit and Brughiera, introduce yourselves two years later: A foggy day in Milan; At Pompeii and Impression from life, also exhibited in 1883, in Rome; From Chiog-gia to Sottomarina; A morning on the moor: Lost and Going home, sent to Turin in 1884; Spring flowers; Banks of oysters; A gust of wind; From the pasture; Autumn Leaves and Sulla Laguna, exhibited in Milan in 1886; From the pasture; First mists; Dalla pesca and Dai monti, sent to Venice for the 1887 Exposition; Prime nebbie, already mentioned, exhibited in Bologna in 1888; In the paddy field, which is preserved with the plow; Mandria in viaggio and Sulla Laguna, and other minor ones, in the Gallery of Modern Art in Milan; One evening at the beach, exhibited in 1900 in Milan, on the occasion of the 19th century Lombard Painting Exhibition; Islands of the Cyclops (Sicily); The first wave and Saline di Cervia, which are located in the Civic Museum of Turin; Arianna and Sulla Spiaggia, preserved in the “Paolo e Adele Giannoni” Modern Art Gallery in Novara.