Born in Turin on 23 December 1858, died in Grottaferrata (Rome) on 15 November 1932. Paesista. He was a pupil of Andrea Gastaldi at the Albertina Academy, but from the master he did not derive the manner that is personal to him, especially in the works of his maturity. He exhibited for the first time at the Turin Promoter in 1884, pleasant paintings among which we especially remember Spring Confidences and Auras. Then he exhibited Contrasti, a painting that met with success for its chromatic qualities; The old man; Lo slagno and Finita la Messa: these last three paintings currently owned by the Civic Museum of Turin. Last drops, preserved in the Gallery of Modern Art in Rome, was, with others that followed, the result of a profitable stop by the artist in the Agro Romano and on the coasts of the Adriatic. Other paintings by him appeared at the Venice Biennials: Awakening of a soul, in 1901; Alpine noon; The ephemerals (triptych); Blue note; Towards the shade; At the fountain; La Levanna and After the guilt, in 1903; Orkney and Tramonto d'autunno, in 1905. His paintings, marked by a healthy and genuine naturalism, can be decorously placed next to those of the best Piedmontese landscape painters. We still mention about him: Lago blu al Giomin, property of dr. Rossi of Turin; The victor Chessa in my studio; Self-portrait; The quartz quarry, owned by Mr. Pellissone of Turin; Spring and Autumn, kept in the Revoltella Museum in Trieste; The bride of the espada.