Born in Genoa on 11 November 10, 1888, he attended the Ligustica Academy of his city, where he was taught by Tullio Quinzio. He devoted himself to easel and decorative painting, oil and fresco. He has participated in the exhibitions of the Genoese Promoter; of Brera (1924); at the first and second exhibition of the ┬źNovecento Italiano┬╗; at the International Exhibition of Decorative Arts held in Paris in 1925, in which he was awarded; at the International Exhibitions of Madrid (1928) and Barcelona (1929). Since 1926 he has participated in the Venetian Biennials, in which in that year he exhibited Announcement of maternity; in 1928, some drawings; in 1930, Cesura Delcroix and Casa ruined; in 1932 three works: Letizia; Puberty and The Dome. Works by him appear in the Gallery of Modern Art in Rome. In that of Genoa is preserved Return. He was responsible for the frescoes in the hall of honor of the Mother House of the Mutilated in Rome. Santagata, who obtained the Brignole-Sale pensioner in 1921, is also dedicated to sculpture.