Born on July 17, 1850 in Castellammare di Stabia. He attended courses at the Academy of Naples, a pupil of Morelli, and completed his studies in Rome, then perfecting himself in Paris where he lived for ten years. He exhibited in various national and international exhibitions: in Turin in 1880, in Nice in the years 1883-1884, in Liverpool and at the Paris Salon. He dealt with various genres of painting, but especially watercolors, succeeding in strength and color to make the sensation of oil painting. He was appointed honorary professor of the Institute of Fine Arts in Naples. Some of his works: Girl picking a fruit, preserved in the Clemency Museum; Love letter. placed in the Glasgow Museum. The naughty one; Grove; At the edge of the precipice; The first days of spring; The confidence; The walk; In the forest; Throbbing memory; After the party; A dream on the shores of the lake; sentimental scene; Summer in the woods of Boulogne: all these are watercolors exhibited at the Paris Salon from 1874 to 1882.