Born in Genoa on July 8, 1882, died there on February 12, 1917. Son of a wealthy shipowner, he devoted himself to art without having masters and without pursuing profit-making purposes. He painted seascapes and animated landscapes, in which he reflected his delicate feeling and his aristocratic personality. He did not produce much, because each painting of him was preceded by long studies, intended to harmoniously compose the masses, to give a decorative rhythm to the colors. Debut at the Exhibition of the Genoese Promoter; then he exhibited: Il parco e Paese, at the 1907 Venice Biennale; The cypresses, to that of 1909; Evening on the sea and Sunset on the Riviera, to that of 1910; three works in 1912: Autumn in the garden; Summer day and Summer evening on the beach; in Munich, Rome, Turin, Paris, London, the Brera Biennale and the Artistic Family of Milan. He died suddenly following an operation. Other works by him: Twilight in Viareggio; Regattas in Portofino, royal property; Rain in Genoa; Villa Grassi in Sampierdarena; The terrace; Piazzetta and via San Lorenzo; At the farm, in the collection of comm. Vittorio Della Grazia of Milan. Two other paintings are in the Gallery of Modern Art in Genoa; and numerous from private collectors especially from Liguria.