He was born in Naples in 1838. Having completed his first studies at the Turin Academy, he probably completed his studies in Bologna. Professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples from 1861 to 1864, he devoted himself to history painting, exposing romantic subjects to the Neapolitan promoters of 1863 (The capitulation of the republicans of Naples) and of 1864 (La Monaca). In the second half of the 1960s, following the example of D. Morelli, he became interested in the orientalist genre (Gulnara, Naples, Museo di San Martino). After 1870 he treated in watercolor themes inspired by the elegant life of the Neapolitan bourgeoisie (Signora in the parlor, Donna col'ombrellino, private collection). Present in the Promoters Salvator Rosa from 1872 to 1882 (1872, Se io fossi mamma; 1873, Palazzo della Regina Giovanna), he also sent his paintings to exhibitions in Milan (1872), Paris (1878) and Rome (1907, 1909). ). A series of portraits was exhibited in Naples in 1882 (Portrait), in London in 1897 (Portrait of Mrs. Hastings Campbell) and in Paris in 1906 (Portrait of Alexandria of Yugoslavia). He died in Rome in 1920.