Born in Milan on March 6, 1850, died in the same city on January 16, 1930. At the Brera Academy, where he trained under the guidance of Giuseppe Bertini, he was awarded numerous medals; in 1877 he won the Fumagalli competition with a historical painting, a genre he preferred along with landscape painting. He also demonstrates an excellent watercolor and engraving skills, activities that reveal suggestions derived from his friend Tranquillo Cremona and Luigi Conconi. He took part in important exhibitions: in 1880 in Turin (Colloquium of Clement VII with Charles V against Florence), in 1881 in Milan (Una nevicata), in 1883 in Milan (A baptism and two portraits) and in Rome (Interior of San Marco ; Circus romanus, Tranquillo Cremona on his deathbed; October; Sunset), in 1886 in Milan (some watercolors), in 1888 in Munich, arousing some interest also in the foreign press. He exhibits several times at the permanent in Milan and Turin and at the Venice Biennials (Portrait and Maternal Love). Several works appear in the collections of the Gallery of Modern Art in Milan, including The Arrest of Fra Girolamo Savonarola (1881), a gift from the painter himself, a Portrait of Tranquillo Cremona (1877) and Tranquillo Cremona on his deathbed ( 1878), both exhibited at the celebratory exhibition Tranquillo Cremona and the Lombard artists of his time (Pavia 1938), a series of twelve watercolors on paper with figures of minstrels and ladies, characteristic of the repertoire of the followers of Cremona, in which his gentle colorist vein, generally more controlled and sincere in landscapes. He also paints some unsigned etchings in a way that lies between that of Luigi Conconi and that of the sculptor Giuseppe Grandi, and some miniatures, one of which, depicting a Girl's Head (now in the Turri Collection in Milan), is exhibited at the Permanente of Milan in 1908.


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