Born in Santa Croce (Pisa) January 4, 1824, died December 4, 1904. He completed Montemurlo first studies in Siena, in the school of Nenci, who started to classicism, which was inspired in his first work, Galileo before the Court of the Inquisition, that brought him success and fame. Soon abandoned academicism and moved to Florence, he followed the new pictorial movement of macchiaiuoli, of which he was one of the most fervent and genial samples, but always used and understood in a moderate tone. Shy of each popularity, he retired around 1870, first in a villa of Montorsoli, then Montemurlo. Appointed professor at the Academy of Florence and, then, a member of the Commission for the Uffizi, was in Paris in 1861 and in 1875 and in London in 1879 and in 1887. He made many paintings and sketches, many of which are owned by the family to Banti Florence. Tuscan peasant, who is in the Galleria d'Arte Moderna in Rome; The two villanelles; Girl doing the sock; The girl who feeds the duck; The three old at rest; The robber; The return from fishing from Lake Bientina, Confidences to the Gallery of Modern Art in Florence; Boys in the sun in the Galleria Ricci-Oddi of Piacenza; Landscape in the collection Turri Milan, are some of his major works, reproducing fields and cycles, all permeated by the same light of truth. Carried out his tasks for himself and for the public, so that his paintings, admired by Fattori and Signorini, remained unknown to most until after his death.


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